Classic Swedish Massage     69


Muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments are carefully manipulated to encourage relaxation during this ever-popular massage treatment.


Your therapist will use his/her hands to manipulate and relax your soft body tissue, reducing tension in the muscles, eliminating stress, reducing any pain, and even improving sleep.


Additional benefits include increased circulation, which helps oxygen to reach your cells and clears toxins from your lymph nodes. Treat yourself to total relaxation. 


Massage Technique: light to medium pressure.




Heated Treatment Bed

Hot Towel Aromatherapy

Air Infused Aromatherapy

Hypoallergenic Massage Creams


Pre and Post Natal Massage       69   


To receive a Prenatal Massage you must be past your first trimester, have your Doctor's note confirming normal pregnancy and have no pain, swelling or bleeding within 24 hours of the Massage Session.

Pregnancy is a time of extra stress on the joints, including neck, shoulder, and lower back tension, no matter what the trimester. Pre-natal massage is an important part of the health regimen of any mother-to-be, as important as taking the proper vitamins and eating for two.

This massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage while it soothes your tired, overburdened muscles.

After you’ve delivered, distended muscles can be more quickly returned to their normal state with post-natal massage. Structural homeostasis will return to your body as circulation and lymphatic drainage are gently stimulated.


Massage Technique: light to medium pressure focusing on weight bearing joints


Multi-Modality Massage      69


This is outcome-based massage targeted to the Guest's specific problem(s) the and administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation by the our Massage Therapist. It is also known as treatment massage.


A wide variety of modalities or procedures are utilized to focus the treatment based on the problematic condition.


Among others it involves manipulation, and movement of the locomotor soft tissues to reduce or eliminate pain or dysfunction. A unique multidisciplinary approach is utilized to restore structural balance throughout the body, which allows focus on prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, chronic pain and sports injuries. 


Massage  Deep Tissue / Sports      79


Swedish Massage technique is incorporated into this focused massage, bringing attention to connective tissue providing deep pain relief and releasing muscle tension.


It is proven to bring balance to strenuous training regimens by increasing joints flexibility, improving muscles' endurance and reducing post work-out recovery time.


It is also known to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone levels while improving the mood by the release of axytocin and serotonin.


Regular treatments with this massage technique prove effective in loosening scar tissue.


Massage Technique: medium to high pressure focusing on muscle-tendon junctions.


Hot Stone Massage      79 


Hot basalt stones are places on strategic areas of the body in this energy-balancing treatment. The deepest tissue layers are reached with this technique.


The stones are also used as massage tools, helping your therapist to penetrate deep, aching muscles. Blood circulation is stimulated, encouraging your body to heal itself.


Cold stones are sometimes used to reduce swelling, while aromatherapy oil and Swedish massage techniques combine to bring your body and mind to a state of sublime bliss.


Massage Technique:  long strokes using a hot stone with particular attention to acupressure points


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