Our massage therapists treat massage therapy as an art form practiced with great care and attention to each Client’s individual needs. Touch has been used throughout the world for thousands of years to relax the body and mind and restore health and wellness.


We offer a myriad of different therapies to suit your needs. Please consult with one of our therapists about which modality is best for you right now.


Particularly for massage sessions, it is highly recommended that you utilize our water facilities that include Shower/Steam cabins. They relax the muscles in preparation for your treatment and allow for better absorption of skin care products being used.

You may also choose to wash these products off after the session is over if you are concerned for your clothing.



Once you check in and fill out our Customer Intake Forms, our Massage Therapist will take you to one of our tranquil and private treatment rooms where you will be left alone to prepare for your session.


Hangers, tote bags, bath robes and other spa accessories will be provided as needed. 


Your Massage Therapist will wait outside while you fully or partially undress according to your comfort level. Once ready, you will lie on the massage table under the top sheet and press your pager to call the Therapist in. He/she will then knock on the door before entering the room.


You will always be draped with the top sheet during your massage session while additional blankets will be available at your request. Your Massage Therapist will only uncover the part of the body he/she is working on, ensuring that your modesty is respected at all times.


A Heating Blanket is placed beneath the sheet and can be adjusted for your comfort.


Heated Treatment Bed

Hot Towel Aromatherapy

Air Infused Aromatherapy

Hypoallergenic Massage Creams


60 min  "Hands-on"     

Classic Swedish



Pre/Post Natal                 Hot Stone                






15 min                      15

Additional Massage Time 

Deep Muscles Therapy

Feet Reflexology

Shower/Steam Arometherapy Cabin

Hands Treatment

Feet Treatment

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