When natural capital is being used up faster than it is replenished, life becomes unsustainable.  Sustainability requires that natural resources be used only as fast as these resources can be replenished at a natural rate. 





Sustainability is important because all the choices we pursue and all the actions that we take today will affect everything in the future including our Children, Grandchildren and genrations to follow.


For example, if we continue wasting water and polluting the dwindling supply of freshwater, we leave future generations with no other choice than to desalinate saltwater or treat contaminated water for their consumption and daily use. We can also be assured that, if that happens, eventually all life that depends on clean freshwater will become extinct.


The same goes for our soil. Without proper care, it will surely lose its quality and will be void of a harvest. If that happens, future civilizations will be void of crop and other natural sources of food. They will then have no other choice but to create man-made sources for nourishment and sustenance.


Today, we are painfully beginning to understand that environmental resources are quite sensitive to everything that we do. We are starting to experience the effects of the actions of generations that came before us. To make sure that future generations will not experience worse, we need to be aware of the ideals and requirements of sustainability.

We at Gift Salon & Spa, Inc. try to put what we learn into action as that is the only way we can allow nature to catch up with the rate at which our requirements grow. This does not mean having to stifle all of our operations.

It only means that we attampt to use more of the nutural, recyclable and environmentally friendly products beginning with our laundry and cleaning supplies and ending on Skin Care and Hair Products.


We believe that my making this small contribution to our environment we can somehow help tilting the scales toward such enormously needed improvements.


The responsibility of the health of the environment lies with each and every one of us.


We cannot be complacent and let others bear the burden for the accountability to the planet’s ecosystem. With more and more evidence pointing to human activity as one of the biggest culprits in global warming and the deterioration of the environment each individual must do their share before this situation gets totally out of hand.


Therefore, living a sustainable lifestyle is one way to help. 


Many people think that living sustainably means making sacrifices but, in fact, most practices for sustainability can actually enhance human life. People who observe greener practices can dramatically lower their bills and, in the long run, live healthier lives.


They say that global change can start with the actions of one person.


Let us be "that person" !





Choose greener transportation.

Taking public transportation, carpooling or riding a bike to work are all geared toward postponing the day when fossil fuels and life as we know it will be gone.


Reduce what we buy and what we use.

Every object in our household made an impact on the environment when it was stripped from the Earth and produced. Choosing to buy less is obvious as a sustainable strategy but is not always practical. Sometimes the best choice is to buy well-made and durable items.


Save on electricity.

Most electricity is generated using fossil fuels. This makes electrical generation one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gasses to the ecosystem. By using less electricity we can reduce these emissions.  In cold climates, for example, using more efficient insulation is a great way to save on power. Also - efficient compact fluorescent bulbs give better lighting with less power usage. Using newer energy efficient appliances is also a great way to become more energy efficient.


Generate less waste.

Everything we throw away goes somewhere. Reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills is an excellent way of protecting the environment. Recycling and reusing also reduces what we need to throw away. 


Respect water resources.

Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet so we need to familiarize ourselfs with water conservation solutions. We can turn off faucets that are running unnecessarily (e.g. while brushing your teeth), take care of leaking taps, pipes, and toilets or take short showers instead of using the tub.

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