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Men are being judged more by their looks these days as they've ever been. As a result, they are seeking grooming modalities that have previously been reserved for women only. Men are visiting salons and spas, and even boosting their morning routine to compete against the fairer sex for those high-dollar corporate jobs, as well as to promote and maintain their health and energy levels.


Until a few years ago, a man was considered well-groomed if he shaved on a daily basis and sported a clean-cut trim.

Those days are over.


Wellness enhancing routines and style maintenance have now become the new norm.





According to industry data one-third of all spa goers these day are males.


We hope that our Men Friendly Facilities factor into maintaining and accelerating this trend.


If you are tired, stressed out, feeling down or experience aching muscles and joints - our Spa Baths, Steam/Shower Cabins, skilled Massage and Skin Therapists will help you to let go of the feeling of discomfort.


I know what I'm talking about because I'm a Guy myslef.



We Men - are working hard, sometimes spending a lot of time outside doing physical labor and there is nothing better to relax our tired bodies than Steam Therapy, especially when the temperature outdoor stays below 20 for 2 months straight like it did last Winter. 


Add Deep Tissue/Sports Massage on top of that and I promise you'll feel as good as new.


If you want to try something new then I suggest booking a Body Scrub or a Body Mask as that is very refreshing to your entire body.

And since all of our Body  Treatments include Shower Cabin and more - you will still be able to relax under a hot stream of specially softened water.


Some Men like to Wax certain body parts to feel clean.


I personally wax my underarms since I'm still an active athlete and this way I sweat much less than I used to.

It also makes it easier to apply anti-perspirant not to mention the fact it last longer throughout the day.


Another important aspect Guys (and especially those physically active) are taking care of frequently is their back.

Therefore, Back Cleansing Facial is quickly becoming one of the most popular Skin Therapy Treatments out there. 


Facial Treatments is also quite popular among those Guys, who work a lot outside and are exposed to some negative environmental pollutants.


Last, but not least - I think we Guys really care about our hair and we should. 

I must admit, though, that I miss those days when I had a lot more of it to play with if you know what I mean.


But even at this point of my life a good Haircut makes a difference and I think I'm not speaking only for myself.

We have two Hairstylists that are extremely good with Guys' hair and can make you look good even on a bad day.


Please, give them a chance to prove their skills and you won't be disappointed. 


Finally - we will be introducing Aesthetic Medicine Procedures this coming September so any of you considering something more decisive will have the opportunity to consult our Doctor. 

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