60 min.

Unlike all of the other Facials in our Menu of Services that follow specific Skin Care Line Protocols - Signature Facial follows our own customized "in-house" protocol, which was carefully designed by two of our Lead Estheticias and based on many years of skin care products expertise as well as their extensive knowledge of various skin conditions.


This protocol may be adjusted from time to time by intruducing the latest industry trends and technological advancements.

Apropriate skin care products will be selected by your Esthetician based on the type, complexion and condition of your skin with the goal of addressing your specific concerns and desires.


This Treatment will normally consist of deep cleansing, exfoliation, nutrients and minerals infusing mask, genlte massage and moisturizer.


It may also incorporate thorough steaming, extractions, calming and/or healing masks, ultrasonic penetration, anti-bacterial treatments and more.


You will be able to chose from the following Facials that will address and cover your skin care needs:


- Gentlemen's Facial 

- Back Cleansing Facial

- Cavitation Peel Facial



- Chest Facial     39

- Neck Facial      29


A customized skin regimen will then be established or recommended to achieve the best results.


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