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Chemical peels can be administered by doctors in up to 70% strength, or in up to 30% strength by estheticians in spas and salons. Chemical peels are acids which are applied to the skin about once every two weeks.


These acids chemically exfoliate the top layers of skin. This exfoliation signals the cells inside the skin to produce more rapidly, which can help hasten skin turnover and prevent pores from becoming clogged.


Chemical peels are also sometimes used to help lessen the appearance of acne scars.



Studies show about 45-50% reduction in acne lesions after a series of 4-6 peels.3-5 Most study participants report a "fair" to "good" results, which tend to last for 1-2 months.


Most people experience a sun burnt look with obvious peeling of the skin in the days after their first peel. This redness and peeling tends to be less pronounced with each consecutive peel.


Temporary darkening of the skin has been reported, and some people with darker skin have experienced skin lightening which can be permanent.


Because people with darker skin and people who are prone to keloid scarring are more likely to experience side effects from chemical peels, it is vital that people with darker skin consult with an experienced dermatologist before embarking on chemical peels.


A 2012 article published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery sums it up: "Usually, complications are minor and more common in dark-skinned individuals. They are seen more in medium and deep depth peels."


Because chemical peels peel away the protective layers of the skin, your skin will be much more sensitive to sunlight and UV rays.2It is extremely important to keep your skin out of the sun after a peel and to use an adequate SPF.




Most chemical peels appear to help clear most types of acne. However, the dermatological community's consensus is that other medications and treatments must be used in conjunction with peels to achieve a satisfactory level of clearance.


They can be a fun adjunct to an anti-acne regimen for people who enjoy them.


For those with potentially sensitive skin weaker ingredients at more moderate dosages are recommended to lessen the potential for unwanted side effects.


Derm Renewal 30 Peel    


Indicated for fine lines and wrinkles and congested skin.


DESCRIPTION: A deep exfoliating treatment that combines Lactic and Glycolic Acid with Arginine to promote hydration.



Glycolic Acid 30 Peel    


Indicated for lines and wrinkles, photo-aging, dull skin and imperfections. 



A peel designed for deep exfoliation. GLYCOLIC ACID PEEL 30 works to even out the top layers of the skin. 



Lactic Acid 30 Peel    


Indicated for dry, flaky skin, fine lines and wrinkles representing the first signs of aging.



An exfoliating treatment with lactic acid. Works to even out the top layers of the skin.



Modified Jessner Peel    


Indicated for acne-prone skin, blemishes, photo-damage, mature skin and pigmentation. 



Providing a deep exfoliating action, the MODIFIED JESSNER PEEL helps to eliminate the visible imperfections on the skin. Evens out skin tone.



Salicylic Acid 30 Peel    


Indicated for oily acne-prone skin and photo-aging. 



A peel designed to exfoliate, deep clean pores and eliminate the visible imperfections on the skin.



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