We understand that your confidence depends in some ways on the condition of your skin. By implementing the use of highest quality Skin Care Lines, ranging from medically oriented to organic and natural, we are confident that we will find the ideally suited care for any skin type or problem problem you may have.


Be assured that our experienced and qualified Estheticians will be able to determine, which products will treat your skin the best to achieve radiant health.


Your satisfaction is our goal and we will do everything we can to achieve it.


In addition, carrying different Skin Care Lines gives us the opportunity to customize particular skin regimens to virtually all types of skin and issues. Proper recommendation will be given upon examining your skin.


If you are already familiar with these lines and have your own suggestions - simply communicate them to our Estheticians.


We also offer a wide range of skin products that can be purchased right at our Spa.


Once you check in and fill out our Customer Data Forms our Skin Therapist will take you to one of our tranquil and private Treatment Rooms, where you will be left alone to prepare for your session.

Hangers, tote bags and other spa accessories will be provided as needed.  


Your Skin Therapist will wait outside while you undress from the waste up. Once ready, you will lie on the treatment table under the top sheet - face up and press your pager to call the Therapist in.


The Therapist will then analyze your skin, give you a brief overview of your skin condition and suggest proper treatment.


Once it is complete - Esthetician will give you some time to unwind and dress up as well as recommend specific skin care products that will help you maintain your skin's health.



European Treatment                60 min           99

Back Cleansing                      60 min            99


Add on Peels                                                   39

Bright Eyes Treatment             15 min          29

Blemish Buster Mini Facial      30 min         49

Exfoliation Treatment              30 min          49

Mini Lift Treatment                   30 min          59


Collagen Sublime

Eye Contour                               30 min         59

Algomask +                                45 min         99

Oxygenating                              60 min       119

Hydrolifting                                60 min       129

Sea C Spa                                   60 min       129

Botinol                                        60 min       139

Collagen 90-II                            90 min       149


                                                 60 min

Microdermabrasion + Mask    

Oxygen Infusion + Mask             

Hydro Treatment + Mask      



Neck & Decolette                     10 min

Micro  - follow up session       30 min

Hydro - follow up session       30 min








Heated Treatment Bed

Hot Towels Aromatherapy

FACIAL PEELS               59

Lactic | Glycolic | Salicylic      

Derm Renewal

Modified Jessner 

Anti-Aging Series:

Lactic, Derm, Glycolic, Jessner Acne Series:

Salicylic x 2 or 3, Jessner      

10-15 min  



Eye Collagen Treatment


Lip Collagen Treatment

LED Light Therapy


High Frequency Therapy


Hand Mask Treatment

Hand Parafin Treatment


Botanical Face Masks               


Nutrients Infusing Ampoules 


BIO Skin Lifting  

Neck or Chest Facial

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