With our Spa Packages, you're not only giving the gift of a particular service, but you are also giving the gift of love, friendship and/or appreciation.


Our Spa Packages are available for purchase in person or through our web site.


Their Value Amount is always converted into a Gift Card Amount and can be used for a different Service, Retail Product, Sales Tax or Gratuity if so desired by the Recipient.




Spa Packages purchased in person include a physical Gift Card, Gift Card Sleeve, beautiful Card Holder, Envelope and a Branded Gift Bag.

They might also include Skin or Hair Products Tester, if we are running a promotion.

Spa Packages purchased online will be mailed via USPS First Class Mail.
Enter the name of the Purchaser in the Billing Information fields and the name of the Recipient in the Shipping Information fields.


Shower Cabin - 10 min.

Hot Towels Aromatherapy

Air Infused Aromatherapy

Heated Treatment Bed

Hypoallergenic Massage Creams

Subtle Getaway     129   

2 hrs & 15 min


If you are short on time, but still want to escape the havoc of everyday life for two and a half quick very relaxing and rejuvenating hours - this package may just be for you or someone you care about.


It includes the following Treatments:


Steam Cabin Aromatherapy / 

Shower Cabin - 5-10 min

Body Scrub - 60 min

Basic Customized Facial - 60 min


Calming Ritual    199   

3 hrs & 15 min


Indulge your senses and elevate your well being in this skin care oriented Package.


It includes the following Treatments:


Steam Cabin Aromatherapy /

Shower Cabin - 5-10 min

Algae Body Treatment - 60 min

Body Scrub - 45 min

Basic Customized Facial - 60 min

Soothing Retreat     219    

3 hours & 10 min


Unwind and relax during this luxurious Package for you or someone special appreciating its unsurpassed sophistication.


It includes the following Treatments:


Steam Cabin Aromatherapy - 5-10 min

Body Scrub - 60 min

Body Mask Treatment - 60 min

Basic Customized Facial - 60 min






1. Gift Spa and Salon, LLC Gift Card may be used only for making purchases of services or merchandise at Gift Spa and Salon, LLC location in Woodland Park, NJ.


2. Gift Spa and Salon, LLC is not responsible for use of this card without Client's permission.


3. Gift Card balances cannot be redeemed for cash, unless required by law.


4. Lost Gift Cards and their remaining balances can be reissued upon proper notification.


5. Gift Cards' values are in U.S. dollars and are at Face Value - for example: 

    $100 Gift Card can be used to cover the cost of $85 Service, Retail Products, Sales Tax or Gratuities. 

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