Our eyelash extensions are applied with a semi-permanent glue to hold them in place and keep your lashes full and vibrant for several weeks. Our extensions add length and volume beyond what mascara and an eyelash curler could. The results are also much longer lasting than single use DYI methods of applying extensions and in our opinion, have much more beautiful results.

Our individual mink lashes involve setting an extensions on top of each of your lashes. In comparing mink lashes to silk or synthetic, one benefit of mink lashes would definitely be the lighter, more natural look and feel that they offer. This puts less pressure on the eyelids and your natural lashes after application.

First Full Set of Lashes         89

Refill (2 Weeks)                     49

Refill (3 Weeks)                     59

Refill (4 Weeks)                     69

Refill (2 Weeks)                     59

Refill (3 Weeks)                     69

Refill (4 Weeks)                     79

First Full Set of Lashes         99

Our 2D, 3D, and 4D lashes also utilize mink, but are applied to multiple lashes as opposed to on an individual basis. 

We offer a great price for our first time clients and great options for re-filling your extensions following your initial visit. It is important to note that prices escalate by period of time due to the amount of reapplication necessary.

Please arrive to the salon with your eyes completely free from makeup and prepared for your session. Sessions can last between sixty and ninety minutes, depending on lash type. Be prepared for your eyes to remain closed for the entirety of the application, as our aesthetician gently applies each lash.

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