Our Charity Food Drive

showed how much

You care !!!


We collected more than

20 large boxes of food and on Thursday - Oct. 15

Food Bank's truck

picked it up !


Thank you so much !!!




All of the food will end up in the Community Food Bank of New Jersey located in the Township of Hillside.


This Food Bank supplies food to feeding programs at some 1,500 non-profit Charities in 18 New Jersey Counties.


The Charities include soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, smaller food banks, after school programs and seniors centers among others.


Many of those who are helped require temporary assistance - a hand up due to sudden illness, a loss of job, or some other misfortune.


Others, because of their circumstances, will always require assistance.


900,000 New Jersey residents are being helped like this each year.




Absolutely !  The assistance of the Community Food Bank to those in need would simply not be possible without the help of concerned people like you.


Together, we really make a difference !




We are open to working together with other Charity oriented Businesses or Organizations.


Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss possible cooperation in helping these great causes.

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