There is plenty of planning that goes into getting ready for a wedding.

Brides usually know their beauty routines should be ranked high on the priority list.


Lets look at some of those routines and their potential to greatly affect that very special day.


Hair and Makeup

Brides should plan to book their Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist about two to three months prior to the Wedding Day.

Trial consultation is a must and if veil will be worn - it needs to be brought to the Salon as well. 



It is not recommended to get a Facial a few days before the Wedding unless it is planned by your Skin Therapist.

Normally we suggest a minimum of 2-3 Facials with a month between them and one no less than 1 week prior to the Wedding for a glowing and radiant complexion.


If prone to problematic skin, Brides may want to schedule a series of treatments about six months or more in advance. More-aggressive skincare services such as Facial Peels or Microdermabrasion also are most effective in a series over a six-month time period.  




Waxing on the Wedding Day is not recommended.

Usually, it should be done a week prior.


Body Treatments

There are many types of Body Treatments we offer at our Spa including Body Scrubs, Body Masks and Body Wraps.

They are all designed to achieve different effects.

Please, familiarize yourself with them to choose the one that would best suits your needs.


Plan in Advance

Brides should not wait until the last minute to undergo more-invasive anti-aging treatments such as Botox or Restylane injectables. These services require approximately a six-week turnaround to take full effect. 


Proper initial consultation with a Specialist will help put things in perspective and allow to alocate ample time and resources required to achieve specific goals.


Try to determine if this will be a full-day affair or something a little shorter.

We would like to accommodate you either way!



Our Spa is a wonderful place for female bonding and can seamlessly combine pampering with a party atmosphere.


Our size can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people and our amenities can leave the most demanding Clients completely satisfied.


We have a common space where your Guests can hang out together between treatments that take place in private and quiet Spa Treatment Rooms. They can also enjoy food, either brought with them or catered by many of the great local eateries. 


And since we are not that big - you may be able to have the entire place to yourself !


Please, check our Group Events Policies for Booking and Cancellation details.

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