The sensation of being wrapped, massaged, submerged, or having treatments applied to the body during whole body treatments is typically considered relaxing by most people.

Regardless of the individual components of a body treatment, they are all intended to enhance the appearance of the skin and to remove toxins, accumulated within as well as on the surface.


Such rejuvenation is attributed to the process of diffusion, in which molecules move from areas of high concentration to those of low concentration without any expenditure of energy.

The ingredients used in body treatments are chosen to help absorb minerals that may help the skin remain attractive, while removing substances, especially from the skin, that may result in signs of aging.


Please, discuss all of our Treatments and their options with our Therapists to choose the one that best suits your needs and desires.




Once you check in and fill out our Customer Intake Forms our Massage Therapist will take you to one of our tranquil and private Treatment Rooms where you will be left alone to prepare for your session.


Hangers, tote bags, bath robes and other spa accessories will be provided as needed. 


Your Skin Care Therapist will wait outside while you fully or partially undress according to your comfort level. Once you take a soothing shower and are ready, you will lie on the treatment table under the top sheet and press your pager to call the Therapist in. He/she will then knock on the door before entering the room.


During Treatment the Therapist will always make sure you are draped as you desire with additional sheets available at your request so that your modesty is respected at all times.

At the end of the session the Therapist will rinse off previously applied skin care products or ask you to do so on your own in the Shower Cabin if that is more convenient.


Once finished - you will have ample time to  dress up, adjust your appearance and gather all of your belongings.



Shower Cabin - 10 min

Hot Towel Aromatherapy

Air Infused Aromatherapy


ADD-ONS:   10 min               10

Steam Cabin Aromatherapy

45 min                                         69

Sugar Body Scrub

60 min                                        99

Algae Mask Traetment         

Mud Mask Treatment

60 min                                        109

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