Servicing of Clients without prior appointment will be dependent on staff availability. Since most of our Employees work on a comission basis they are normally present and available during their "booked hours". Please, respect their time as much as we do and try to book your Appointments well ahead of time, allowing them to plan their work days accordingly. We would really appreciate it. 




Please, call us or fill our Contact Form on the right letting us know, which Service you are interetsed in and when, and we will check its availability and call you back. 



Please, specify your preference for the gender of the Therapist when you book your Appointment.


Guests with medical conditions are advised to consult their doctors before booking any Spa Services. Kindly inform us about them when booking your Appointment and make sure you include them in your Customer Data Forms upon your arrival and prior to your Treatment.



Although our Spa Area is separated and well soundproofed from the Front Desk and Hair Services area - we kindly ask to turn your ringer volume down or to vibrate mode so that relaxed and tranquil atmosphere is maintained throughout.

Smoking is not permitted.



Although our Spa as well as all of its parking lots are constantly monitored by Closed Circuit Security Video Cameras - we ask Guests to leave all of their valuables at home, as many Treatmens require some degree of physical separation and  we will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.



This is a matter of personal preference. Many Guests choose to disrobe completely, while others prefer to leave their undergarments on during their Body Treatments. Stay assured that you will remain professionally draped at all times.



You will be will be provided with Spa Robes, Towels, Duffel Bags for Clothing, Slippers and other miscellaneous items, if such are required for your Service. 




You will be provided with complimentary beverages including various flavors of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and other Brand Name Coffees along with Fresh Brewed Organic Coffee, Tea or Lemonade.

You can bring your own snacks as long as they don't create an excessive smell. 



It is important for all New Guests to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled Service time in order to settle down, enjoy our complimentary beverages and fill out our Client Intake Forms.


All Existing Clients are asked to arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled Appointment.

Being in a hurry may diminish the pleasure and effectiveness of the treatments.



Althoug we ask all New Guests to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than their Scheduled Appointment time we realize that unexpected delays are sometimes unavoidable.


We promise that if ample time is available after the Scheduled Service Window, for which the Client happened to be late - we will extend the time of such service as much as possible.


However, if such extra time between Appointments is unavailable - Service time will have to be shortened and the Client will be charged the full service price.


All services are subject to availability.



We reserve the right to change any of our Treatment Protocols at any time without notice.


We accept Guests of all ages, however, some services may require parental release before being rendered.

For more details - click here.


Unlike many of the Salons and Spas we do not require Credit Card Confirmation for Single Service Reservations unless the Client disregarded our Service Cancellation Policy in the past and we were not able to have such Reservation re-booked.


If that was the case, each subsequent reservation request by such Guest would require Credit Card Confirmation.

Credit Card Data is being held on file for reservation purposes only and doesn't have to be used for payment unless so desired by the Client. 



Because all of our Employees work on a commission based salary and arrive at the Spa for specific appointments only - Credit Card Confirmations are required from all Customers in order to reserve Multiple Services.



Your time is precious, therefore, try to book your Services well in advance to secure the Appointment time that best suites your needs.

Moreover, if you pre-book your next Appintment while checking out, you will save 5% OFF your next appointment.

For further details and additional Promotions click here.



We will attempt to confirm your Service Appointment a day earlier and then again a few hours before scheduled time by telephone, text message and/or e-mail. 



If anything should interfere with your comfort or relaxation, we encourage you to speak up. Whether it be the temperature in the room or the pressure of the massage, our Therapists are eager to cater to your needs. Please don’t hesitate to notify us of any discomfort while enjoying your Spa experience.


You are welcome to engage in quiet conversation throughout the Spa Area as long as it’s in a soft tone.


Sexual advances, comments or innuendos toward our Staff will result in immediate termination of Treatments without refund.




Gratuities are not included in the price of any Service and are left up to Client's discretion.


They are never expected, but always appreciated.

Discreet envelopes will be provided upon check out if desired.

They can be paid as Cash only.


and more                    

please, check our

Spa Policies page here.

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